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CIRI Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

Value: $6,000
Awards Available: 5
Deadline : Jun 01, 2024

The CIRI Foundation offers general scholarships to full-time and part-time degree-seeking students. Scholarships are offered for the full academic year or per term (please note TCF does not fund summer classes). There are two scholarship deadlines a year. Please review the information below to decide the appropriate application deadline and review the requirements, award details and terms.


  • CIRI original enrollee or direct lineal descendant
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Enrolled in one of the following degree programs: Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate; or pre-requisite courses before entering into a degree program
  • Must be attending an accredited institution
  • A 2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher

Award Details:

  • Full-time students: eligible to receive one award up to $6,000 per academic year (August-July)
  • Part-time students: eligible to receive one award up to $5,500 per academic year (August-July)
  • If you receive an Academic Year award, you do not need to reapply at the Mid-Year December 1 deadline

Award Terms:

  • Upon receiving an award, students must maintain all funding requirements to remain in good standing with TCF and eligible for future funding.
  • Failure to maintain funding requirements may result in probation and/or infraction status and potential funding loss.
  • Fund uses direct educational expenses, including tuition, student registration fees, course-required books/supplies, and on-campus house and meal plans. Personal expenses for $500 per term can be awarded only if all other costs have been covered.
  • Applicants will be evaluated based on the information submitted with their application
  • Awards are subject to available funding


Deadline: June 1

Fall Term Amount: Up to $3,000/$2,750 for Fall term for full-time/part-time students

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) promotes students applying for the entire academic year. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances may lead a student to apply for the Fall term only vs. the whole academic year. Same requirements and award terms apply as noted above. If you apply for Fall term only, you must reapply at the Dec. 1 Mid-Year Scholarship deadline to be considered for Spring/Winter funding. It is your responsibility to reapply.

Award Details:

  • Full-time students: eligible to receive one award up to $3,000 per Fall term
  • Part-time students: eligible to receive one award up to $2,750 per Fall term
  • Must reapply at the Mid Year Dec. 1 deadline for Winter and/or Spring funding

Reasons to apply for the Fall term only:

  • You are planning to switch schools after the Fall term
  • You are planning to switch from part-time to full-time after the Fall term
  • You are planning to graduate after the Fall term

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