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How to Become an Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager

Bachelor's or higher degree, plus work experience

Typically, these managers bring previous work experience to the table including: sales, advertising, promotions or marketing. For most of these promotions, advertising and related marketed management positions, a bachelor's degree is necessary.

Work Experience

Marketing managers, advertising managers and promotional managers generally have work experience in sales, promotions or marketing. Many managers have previous experience as purchasers or buyers, are former sales reps, public relation specialists or worked with products, promotions or advertising.

Education & Training

When it comes to advertising management positions, certain employers prefer a bachelor's degree in journalism or advertising. Relevant classes include photography, consumer behavior, communication technology and methods, art history, market research, visual arts and marketing.

Many marketing managers have a bachelor's degree. Classes in management, computer science, business law, statistics, computer science, finance, and economics are beneficial. Learning how to maximize online traffic through search results can be discovered in computer science classes. This is a crucial aspect for promotions and digital advertising. It is highly recommended to finish an internship while attending school.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Analytical Skills: These managers need to deal with a wide variety of people in different roles both within and outside of the organization on a regular basis.

Organizational Skills: These managers need to efficiently manage their budget and their time while directing and motivating their team members.

Communication Skills: These managers will be responsible for effectively communicating with various staff and other managers during the promotions, marketing and advertising requirements. Being capable of persuading the public is an asset.

Creativity: Advertising and promotion managers need to be able to come up with exciting new ideas and execute them.

Decision-making Skills: Managers commonly have to decide between competing marketing and advertising strategies that staff propose.

Interpersonal Skills: Managers need to deal with clients, staff and a variety of individuals both inside and outside of their company.